24 March 2014 y.

RZD approved the TDA for perspective baggage cars of TVZ

RZD Vice President Mikhail Akulov has approved the Technical Design Assignment for development of 61-4501 and 61-4502 baggage cars family. The above cars are being designed at Tverskoy Car Building Institute together with Tver Car Building Factory (TVZ, Transmashholding Group) Design Bureau. Specialists of RZD, FPK, FPK-Logistica, Rospotrebnadzor and Fire Inspectorate of the Russian Ministry of Transport participated in the work on the TDA.

New baggage cars are developed on the basis of a new generation platform of passenger coaches, having been produced at TVZ since 2008. Carbody is expected to be flat and channelled, stainless steel will be used as a basic material.

Each model is designed in two modifications.

61-4501 car, 00 modification, is a basic one, its inner space is fully dedicated to the baggage. The same car, but of 01 modification, may be also used for carriage of automobiles. It will be equipped with gangway doors, facilities for entrance of motor-cars and installations providing moving of vehicles inside the car. Motor-cars will be placed in two tiers, the ramp being transformable, either dropping or folding. It is designed that up to 8 class D automobiles will be carried simultaneously (business saloon cars or their large analogues).

61-4502 cars will be equipped with the service area, including service compartment with a control desk, a stewards’ compartment, a toilet with a shower and a boiler room. 01 modification (more complex) will provide for a baggage compartment heating and ventilation system designed for the cargoes, which may be damaged during transportation at too low temperatures.

The baggage areas in the cars will be equipped with attachments enabling fixation of cargoes up to 500 kg heavy.

The design speed of new cars will be 160 km/h. That will allow their usage for baggage carriage without any limitations in the passenger and express trains, as well as special postal and baggage trains for express transportation of light cargoes.

It is expected that production and delivery of the brand new baggage cars may start as early as end of 2014.