20 March 2014 y.

Metrowagonmash Will Build 352 Cars for Moscow Metro over 2014 and 832 Cars by End of 2017

Metrowagonmash has entered with Moscow metro into agreement for supply of 832 new cars (104 trains) of 81-760/761 Oka series by end of 2017.

352 cars (44 trains) are expected to be shipped within 2014.

The agreement has been concluded under provisions of life cycle maintenance by the manufacturer. The provision has been made for Metrowagonmash obligation to deliver an agreed number of trains to metro line, as well as responsibility for train serviceability, timely maintenance and scheduled repairs.  

The above agreement is the second for Moscow manufacturer life cycle agreement. In August 2013, Moscow metro and Metrowagonmash signed the first agreement for supply of 248 cars of 81-760/761 likewise. Currently, these trains are assigned to Novogireevo deport fleet and run on Kalininskaya metro line; the manufacturer takes this depot on lease.

Transmashholding is the first Russian and among the first global engineering companies that builds relations with a customer on a life cycle agreement basis.  

Cars are equipped with HVAC, video surveillance system that delivers data to a situation center. For the first the time, the new cars feature an air disinfection system. Saloons have electronic routes with liquid crystal displays. State-of-the-art asynchronous traction drive, microprocessor control system, new structure of bogies for smooth and noise-free train run are used in the car structure. Carbody is made of stainless steel.