25 June 2014 y.

Central Suburban Passenger Company and Transmashholding Signed an Agreement for Development of Innovative Double-Deck EMUs

Central Suburban Passenger Company and Transmashholding entered into an Agreement for development of innovative double-deck EMUs designated for inter-city traffic.

Mikhail Khromov, General Director of Central Suburban Passenger Company and Andrey Andreev, General Director of Transmashholding signed the agreement. 

The agreement specifies development of double-deck EMUs with asynchronous traction drives and speed up to 160 kph. It is scheduled that a working group will be created by July 31, 2014 to prepare Specifications and Feasibility Study, the Holding will present draft Technical Design Assignment by March 31, 2015 and issue draft EMU supply contract by end of June 2015. Double-deck EMUs will be built in Russia for the first time ever and incorporate state-of-the-art technical solutions to reduce operating expenses and improve passengers’ comfort level. 

Double-deck EMUs are a part of TMH program targeted to create a new family of Russian EMUs. EG2Tv urban EMU, the first project of this family was already presented in May this year. Two EG2Tv trainsets will be manufactured by end of 2014 and outshopped for certification tests. New EMUs are superior to trains existing on the market versus many technical features and are similar to them at the very least. Modular design and breakthrough technologies enable to produce various EMU modifications to meet any operator’s challengers of urban, inter-city, regional, city-airport traffic. It is planned to produce new family of dc and ac and dual-voltage EMUs with speed up to 120 and 160 kph.