14 July 2014 y.

TVZ will build double-deck administrative and staff coaches for interregional trains

JSC Russian Railways has approved the Technical Design assignment for double-deck administrative and staff passenger coaches with sitting accommodation for interregional trains. 

The project is implemented by Tver Car-building Plant (TVZ, belongs to Transmashholding Group) and constitutes development of the double-decker family. The coaches to be developed are expected to make part of double-deck trains consisting of coaches with sitting accommodation.

All types of double-deckers are designed for up to 160 km/h speed. Carbody shells having rounded upper part will be made from corrosion-resistant (stainless) steels. Due to the above the coach service life will be 40 years. The coaches will be equipped with air-conditioning systems, eco toilets, information displays and energy-saving lamps. Sealed gangways and slack-free couplers will allow noise and vibration reduction in the course of train motion. 
The double-deck administrative and staff coach will incorporate seats for disabled passengers. A commodious compartment will be equipped with three comfortable chairs. A special toilet equipped for disabled passengers is located close to the compartment. Special storage room for storage of wheeled chairs is designed in the coach. The gangway doors are of increased width. Lifting devices for convenient entrance from low platforms will be installed. 

The new administrative and staff coach has a compartment with the integrated control, monitoring and diagnostics equipment for train systems and devices for communication with train and locomotive crews. The coaches will be fitted with GLONASS system. A lower deck will have one luggage compartment. 

The upper deck will accommodate a cafeteria for 14 persons. A refrigerated display case, coffee-machine, microwave and other equipment enabling provision of beverages, hot drinks and snacks to guests will be installed behind a bar counter. To facilitate foodstuff delivery to the cafeteria, cargo hatches will be placed on both boards of the car to lift foodstuff from the platform with the help of a fork-lift truck. It is expected that cafeteria equipment for administrative and staff coach and business-class bars, as well as vendor machines in economy class cars will enable arrangement for passenger food catering. 

The second half of the upper deck will have a kids’ play ground fitted with safety skirting boards and a large display for animated films demonstration. 

The lower deck will incorporate five four-berth sleeping compartments for those passengers who prefer traveling in sleeping compartments even for short distances. At a crew change point these compartments may be used for recreation of all train attendants.