30 June 2014 y.

2ES5 Acceptance Completed at NEVZ

Joint committee meeting was held at Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ, a part of JSC Tranmashholding) for acceptance of 2ES5 freight dc electric locomotive with asynchronous traction motors named as`Scythian`.

 Acceptance committee was chaired by Valentin Gapanovich, Chief Vice-President and Chief Engineer of Russian Railways. 

Joint committee determined that 2ES5 electric locomotive meets all requirements of Technical Design Assignment and railway safety standards. 200 such electric locomotives will be delivered to RZD until 2020 as per the executed agreement.

 `Scythian` is the first Russian mainline freight dc electric locomotive with asynchronous traction motors. It’s designed by TRTrans, a joint Engineering Center of Transmashholding and Alstom Transport. Production of loco key components including traction equipment is localized at Russian enterprises, and the locomotive itself will be built at Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. 

 The locomotive will serve Eastern region at Baykal-Amur mainline being ungraded at the moment under government program and will increase freight traffic on this route. 

 2ES5 has a modular design that incorporates state-of-the-art technical solutions. Time between repairs is increased many times versus with series models, thus maintenance costs will be cut. 

 Feature of a new generation locomotive is control system for detailed diagnostics of board systems and equipment, as well as for online transmission of diagnostic data from loco board to depot via digital radio link and GPRS. Besides, fundamentally new automatic train operation with navigation satellite systems GLONASS and GPS guarantees safety and power-saving mode of train performance. The loco is equipped with antiskid system. 

Great efforts were made creating good working conditions for loco team. The design includes modular driver’s cab with air conditioning, which satisfies all up-to-date sanitary, ergonomics and safety standards, as well as power saving equipment for driver’s safety in case of collision.