30 July 2014 y.

Transmashholding will present the most powerful electric freight locomotive 4ES5K and electric freight locomotive with asynchronous traction motors 2ES5

As a part of festivities on the occasion of the Railmen’s Day in Rostov-on-Don, JSC Transmashholding will demonstrate the most powerful AC electric freight locomotive in the world - 4ES5K, and the first Russian AC electric freight locomotive with asynchronous traction motors - 2ES5.

 The newest 4ES5K locomotive’s power is beyond comparison and reaches 13120 kW (as one-hour power) to haul heavy trains in the Eastern Operating Domain of the Russian Railways under conditions of rugged topography. 4ES5K locomotive is unified to the maximum extent with electric locomotives of Ermak family series-produced by Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. Much attention was paid to locomotive crew’s working conditions. The locomotive secures personnel comfort – booster sections are equipped with a toilet cabin and a crew room, which comply with all valid sanitary, ergonomic and safety standards. 

2ES5 is the first Russian two-section AC electric mainline freight locomotive fitted with fifth-generation asynchronous traction motors and having power of 8400 kW. Transition to the use of 2ES5 will significantly reduce locomotive maintenance and repair costs, idle time for repairs. Application of the newest electric freight locomotives will make it possible to haul heavy-tonnage trains on railway tracks with steep gradient, to increase tonnage ratings, and will improve railway system efficiency considerably. 

The new electric locomotives will constitute the key element in implementation of Railway Transport Development Strategy of Russia, and particularly in terms of heavy-tonnage traffic development on Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Raylways