4 August 2014 y.

A New Hybrid Shunting Diesel Locomotive TEM35 Finished its Run Successfully

The first Russian hybrid shunting diesel locomotive TEM35 built at Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, a part of JSC Transmashholding) made a run for 300 hours, as per the Holding’s PR department. 

A unique Russian shunting diesel locomotive TEM35 with complex (hybrid) power unit (diesel engine + capacitor system) demonstrated record-breaking test results while hauling a 7000 ton trainset over classification hump at loco depot Bryansk-2. Predecessors to this locomotive were capable to haul trains of weight not more than 6000 tons. It is scheduled that the locomotives will be sent to Novocherkassk for certification testing at the end of August. 

 TEM35 hybrid shunting diesel locomotive with asynchronous traction motors has quite a few essential advantages. It uses fuel 20-30% less and demands less maintenance expenses with the capacity equal to serial diesel locomotives. In addition, less powerful engine integrated into the loco design gives an opportunity to reduce harmful emissions considerably, thus referring TEM35 to an environmental friendly loco. 

The hybrid loco is distinguished by more efficient operation with frequent braking, stops, starting and acceleration. The hybrid loco wins the competition with its previous series thanks to capacitors that enhance engine output and performance. 

Andrey Schelokov, a driving instructor of Depot Bryansk-2 speaks highly of a new loco, “The machine has a variety of benefits versus other locomotives. For instance, windows mounted at angle of 10 degrees, traffic safety improved due to all-round view, comfortable working environment setup for a driver that is convenient built-in panel illuminated at night time, HVAC, windshield defroster and other advanced features.”