6 August 2014 y.

TMH Presented 4ES5K the World’s Most Powerful Freight Electric Locomotive and 2ES5 Freight Electric Locomotive with Asynchronous Traction Motors

Transmashholding presented 4ES5K the world’s most powerful freight DC electric locomotive and 2ES5 the first Russian freight AC electric locomotive with asynchronous traction motors.

 The presentation held at central railway station in Rostov-on-Don was attended by Vasiliy Golubev, the governor of Rostov region and RZD delegation headed by Vladimir Yakunin, Russian Railways President. 

Thanks to unique power that reaches 13120 kW (one hour-power) the newest 4ES5Ks are able to haul heavy trains up to 7100 tons on Eastern RZD line with complex profile. 4ES5K is a modification of serial electric locomotives ‘Ermak’ built by Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant, but unlike them, it features axle traction control for effective traction distribution between axles and maximum loco traction factor, i.e. for increased cargo weight. In addition, 4ES5K has microprocessor control system with advanced diagnostic functions and data transfer to servers of repair depots and manufacturing plants for quick failure recovery. 

4ES5K is fitted with wheel motor unit with rolling bearing for decrease in maintenance time and operating costs. 

 Regenerative braking on 4ES5K reduces specific traction power consumption at 15-17%. 

 Much attention was paid to comfortable working environment of loco team: booster sections with a toilet and a crew room are made with full respect to sanitary, ergonomic and safety standards. It is scheduled that 4ES5K conformity certificate will be granted in November 2014. 2ES5 is the first Russian double-section mainline freight AC electric locomotive with fifth-generation asynchronous traction motors and power of 8400 kW. 

Change-over to 2ES5 will reduce maintenance and repair expenses, as well as repair idle time. The locomotive will be put into service this year already. Transmashholding will deliver 200 2ES5 machines to Russian Railways by 2020. 

 State-of-the-art freight locomotives will support heavy-tonnage railway transportation on complex track, increase tonnage rating and improve highly railway system efficiency. 

 New electric locomotives will contribute greatly to execution of Russian Railway Transport Development Program, particularly in terms of heavy-tonnage traffic on Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Railways.