18 August 2014 y.

Representatives of Tram Operators and Municipal Corporations from 40 Russian Towns Assessed the New 71-911 Tram

A state-of-the-art-type 100% low-floor one-section tram of 71-911 model was demonstrated to representatives of tram operators and municipal corporations from various towns of Russia with existing infrastructure for tramway operation. This presentation was organized in cooperation with International Electric City Transport Association in Moscow under the aegis of depot named after N.E.Bauman. In total, representatives of tram operators and municipal corporations from 40 towns of Russia took part in the event. 

71-911 tram was developed by experts of PK Transportnye Sistemy and built at facilities of Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, part of JSC Transmashholding) in May this year. In June and July 2014, the tram passed dynamic testing successfully. At present, the tram is at certification tests, which will be completed in the fall. In July 2014, the tram car was on display at the industrial exhibition of Russia – INNOPROM 2014 in Yekaterinburg, where it was presented to the government delegation headed by D.A.Medvedev, Chairman of the Russian Government. The newly developed 71-911 tram knows no equals in the world, either abroad or in Russia there are no precedents for development of an one-section tram with 100% low floor. The fully low-floor tram version provides an easy access for passengers to the saloon. Patented 100% low-floor tactile bogies are incorporated into the tram construction to ensure a high level of ride comfort and low noise factor. The tram is adapted to already-existing infrastructure of the Russian towns. 

The all-new 71-911 tram has module structure providing an opportunity to develop a full tram-car family of various capacity and length basing on it. For the first time in Russia, the passenger saloon interior is made of aluminum profiles. Separate HVAC systems are installed in the driver’s cab and the passenger saloon of the new tram to improve comfort of the passengers. In case of a power cutoff, the tram can move for up to 1000 m in autonomous mode. It is enough generally to remove the tram from the track in order not to block the traffic.