21 August 2014 y.

NEVZ has its 3ES4K Mainline Electric Freight Locomotive Certified

NEVZ (Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Building Plant, an entity of Transmashholding) has received a compliance certificate in the certification system for federal railway transport to produce 3ES4K Donchak Locomotives. The certificate is valid through July, 2017. 

The 3ES4К class locomotive is developed from 2ES4K Donchak, a freight dc locomotive with commutator traction motors, being in mass production since 2010. Many mechanical subassemblies of the Donchak locomotive are a carry-over from class 2ES5K Ermak AC locomotive. As a part of the locomotive certification process, all parts and components subject to mandatory conformity certification and declaration assessment had been certified and declared. 

Class 3ES4К locomotive differs from a double-section locomotive of the Donchak family in that the former one has a booster (intermediate) section that improves its output by half, thus enabling the haulage of 6000t freight trains. The usage of this type of locomotives allows increasing train weights, improving supply traffic, and reducing freight cars turn-around time and fleet maintenance costs. 

When compared to 2ES4К class locomotive, a new one offers some benefits: an increased millage between scheduled maintenance inspections due to roller bearings; and easier shunting operations and locomotive maintenance enabled by a pass-through between locomotive sections. The company will start 3ES4K locomotives batch production in 2015. 

Donchak family freight locomotives are designed to carry heavy trains on the railway lines with dc power supply, challenging terrain and adverse climatic conditions.