3 September 2014 y.

A Prototype of New Russian EMU will be Presented at Kazansky Railway Terminal in Moscow

A prototype of new Russian EMU EG2Tv will be demonstrated at square near Kazansky railway terminal on September 4-15. 

Over EMU demonstration, a broad spectrum of new train passengers will have an opportunity to judge a new project advantages and give to designers their wishes as to what they expect from urban and suburban EMUs, as well as what they want it to look like. 

EG2Tv EMU is the first representative of Russian EMU family built in Transmashholding. The first two trainsets of five cars will be produced already this year. Tver Carriage Works has launched production of new rolling stock machines. 

EG2Tv exterior and interior were designed by one of leading European companies Integral Design and Development that completed many projects on European railways. Design successfully combines modern trends, high capability and safety compliance. 

EG2Tv is as good as foreign similar products among them machines being on market and even surpasses them by a number of characteristics. The train design features up-to-date technical solutions, the newest asynchronous motors, bogies of new structure with pneumatic suspension technology, crash system, complex digital control, diagnostic and safety system both for driverless operation, collection and storing of data on operation modes, monitoring of online train health and for operation without driver’s assistant. State-of-the-art engineering solutions decrease maintenance workload highly and increase time between repairs. Furthermore, power saving equipment contributes to the train cost effectiveness. 

EMUs can be upgraded for speeds up to 120, 160 kph and up to 250 kph for high speed traffic in the future. 

EMU features the most updated modular configuration to adjust car space to various operators’ needs. 

EMU can serve for urban, intercity, regional, airport shuttle services, etc. Number of seats in a car will depend on a train purpose and customer’s requests. Cars can be engineered with a special zone for luggage, bicycles, baby strollers, etc. 

Special consideration in a new train design was made to assure comfort travel and movement of disabled passengers.

ЭГ2Тв.JPG ЭГ2Тв_.jpg ЭГ2ТВ_внутри.JPG