8 September 2014 y.

Transmashholding Takes Seriously the Training for Locomotive Drivers

NEVZ (Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Building Plant, an entity of Transmashholding) has a Corporate Training Center that successfully implements drivers’ training programs.

The plant produces up-to-date innovative locomotives that integrate the most advanced and sophisticated engineering solutions. The operation of such locomotives puts a particular emphasis on drivers training aspect. 

Over the past years, the Training Center has provided the training for about 300 RZD drivers from North Caucasian, South Easters, Oktyabrskaya, Moscowskaya, East-Siberian and Trans-Baikal Roads Locomotive Fleet Departments, both for previous family electric locomotives of ‘Donchak’ and ‘Ermak’ series, and newly built EP20 class ‘Olympus’ and 2ES5 class ‘Scythian’ locomotives.

The drivers training program includes classroom training, on-the-job training and knowledge checks. The classroom training is provided by design engineers in a designated classroom with a multimedia projector and an interactive whiteboard. 

The on-the-job training is carried out in the Test Center and on the plant’s test track. NEVZ is the only plant in the CIS Region that has a test track. The track is 7.8 km long and has both ac and dc overhead power supply. Drivers may train intelligence techniques of locomotive driving for all existing locomotive types. 

The classroom training also equipped with a driver simulator for EP20 locomotive. The simulator is a locomotive cab mounted in the Test Center that is able to simulate the entire trip operating conditions for a locomotive crew. One may reconstruct various weather conditions (rain, snowfall, fog) on the simulator and assess locomotive crew performance. The simulator also allows creating different emergency situation like a break of overhead cable, emergency braking, motion interference, failure of one motor, etc. 

The Russian railway network will get for operation this year the state-of-the-art freight electric locomotives 2ES5 named ‘Scythian’. The use of these locomotives will contribute to the increased tonnage rating in the Eastern Railway Plain having challenging profile. In August, the first eight employees of East-Siberian Locomotive Fleet Department have completed a special training course of 2ES5 locomotive driving. The training involved a classroom interactive session in the special class room, and on-the-job training was conducted in motor, bogie and locomotive assembly workshops as well as directly on the plant test track.
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