18 September 2014 y.

Motorless Tests of Two New Turbochargers Models are Completed at Penzadieselmash

Designers of Penzadieselmash (PDM, a part of JSC Transmashholding) have completed motorless tests of two pilot samples of new 25 series turbocharges designed to upgrade basic medium-speed and high-speed diesel engines. TK25 series includes turbocharges both for medium-speed (ТК2502) and high-speed diesel engines (ТК2503). As tests completed, optimization and gas dynamic calculations were made and design documents updated. 

ТК2502 basic modification of turbocharges is designated for medium-speed diesel locomotive engines 8ChN26/26. New turbochargers exchange obsolete samples (model 14ТК) fitted on shunting diesel locomotives with replaced engines. 

The key feature of ТК2502 is solid tired turbine wheels that enhance its reliability and efficiency. It is estimated that turbochargers efficiency will be 7-10% higher as compared to analogues. 

Basic modification of ТК2503 turbocharges is intended for various purpose high-speed diesel engines of type ChN21/21. In certain cases, ТК2503 may replace two import turbocharges. Turbochargers efficiency is expected to be high as per gas-inlet channels quality inspection and be 3-4% above analogues. 

New 25 series turbocharges are engineered within Federal Target `Program Industrialization of new generation diesel engines and their components in RF`. Better efficiency of new turbochargers improves engine operating economy. 

Service tests of ТК25 series turbocharges are scheduled for 2015.