13 October 2014 y.

Kolomna Plant Produced Three Thousandth 1А-9DG Diesel Generators of 2-01 Application

Kolomna Plant (Moscow region, a part of JSC Transmashholding) has delivered to Voronezh diesel locomotive repair plant three thousandth 1А-9DG diesel generator of application 2-01. 

Sixteen-cylinder four-stroke medium-speed diesel engines 1А-9DG of application 2–01 are an advanced modification of permanent diesel generators to be replaced on 2ТЭ116 mainline freight diesel locomotives during their overhaul with upgrading. 

 Kolomna plant has been supplying such diesel generators since 2003. Versus prototype model, they have doubled time till overhaul - 400000 km and 20 years of life - 20% extended. 

2TE116 diesel locomotives with upgraded engines are in service on Sverdlovskaya, Octyabrskaya, South-Eastern and Privolzhskaya Railways, as well as in Mongolia and Uzbekistan. Voronezh diesel locomotive repair plant does not only retrofit 2TE116 diesel locomotives, but also repairs Kolomna passenger diesel locomotives TEP70 and TEP70BS. 

Kolomna plant offers to its customers a wide range of diesel generators with engines of D49 type for renovation of locomotives of various types, among them М62, 2ТE10, 2ТE116, ChME3, ТEМ2, 232, etc. being operated in Russia and abroad (Germany, Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Lithuania, Mongolia, etc.). Besides two versions of 2-nd application, 1А-9DG diesel engines are built of 3-rd application used for 2ТE10 diesel locomotive refurbishment.

3000-й дизель 1А-9ДГ.jpg