7 November 2014 y.

BMZ Manufactured a Hopper Wagon with Increased Body Space

Bryansk Engineering Plant manufactured a prototype of 19-3058 model hopper wagon with increased body space for grain and other food bulky cargo to be protected against atmospheric precipitations. 

The new wagon can transport up to 118m3 cargo (series wagon – up to 112m3). Besides, its cargo capacity is similar to basic model and totals 70.5 tones. 

Hopper wagon with increased body space is economically advantageous for transportation of cargo with lower bulk density, such as barley, oats, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, etc. 

The new wagon body is made without center girder that enabled to change hopper structure, thus increase body volume and improve wagon discharge conditions. 

The wagon is equipped with a new gate discharge mechanism not only to protect cargo against stealing, but also adjust discharge operations. It provides an opportunity to suspend or stop discharge. 

In the nearest future, prototype of 19-3058 model wagon will be sent for preliminary and then certification tests, and in the first six months of the next year, it is scheduled to launch production of wagon pilot batch.

опытный образец хоппера.jpg