13 November 2014 y.

Transmashholding Will Participate in ExpoCityTrans 2014 Exhibition

Transmashholding, the major world manufacturer of rolling stock, demonstrated several innovative technical solutions for passenger transportation all at Moscow exhibit, ExpoCityTrans. 

Transmashholding exhibition was presented for Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, Maxim Leksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow and Head of Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, Evgeniy Mikhailov, General Director of Mosgortrans and Dmitriy Pegov, Head of Moscow Metro. The company’s exhibition stand appeared to be the largest at ExpoCityTrans. 

The Holding presented two new tramways and an up-to-date urban EMU. Moreover, visitors of exhibit could examine a concept of Transmashholding perspective project – regional double-deck coaches with seats.

EG2TV urban EMU exhibited to Moscow citizens is a principal design solution of the huge project of innovative multiple unit rolling stock family. The basic trainset (5 cars) incorporates up to 836 passengers (226 seats). Train acceleration up to 60 kph reaches 0.9 m/s². This factor provides an opportunity not only for faster passenger transportation but also for better operator’s turnover of rolling stock. 

The train is equipped with advanced information systems, HVAC and global positioning systems GPS/GLONASS, Wi-Fi access points can be fitted, if required. Later, the company plans to build a train on a single basic platform for different travel distances urban, commuter, regional trains including double-deck. 

The train is designed for speed up to 160 kph and in the long view – up to 250 kph. Trains are produced on domestic design base. Over 70% of components are of Russian origin already at the project launch, further on this figure will increase. Tramways (single-section and three-section) exhibited at ExpoCityTrans are designed by PC Transport systems and manufactured at Tver Carriage Works, being a part of the Holding. The tramways are 100% low-floor and equipped with low-floor bogies of an original design that enables to run tramways on existing Russian urban infrastructure with no need for its upgrading. Modular design makes it possible to engineer a whole family of tramways with different passenger capacity, number of cars and length, as well as for lines with different traffic and length among them commuter traffic. 

The train is engineered with two independent air conditioning systems, one for driver’s cab and another for passenger saloon. Information system includes not only traditional loudspeakers but as well liquid-crystal displays that can show promotional information at stops. An innovative control and diagnostics system is designed for tramways. 

Over 80% components in the tramways are produced in Russia. Tramways are designated for railways of 1524mm gauge, which are laid in most Russian cities. However, tramways can be operated on nonstandard gauge after small adaptation. New tramways excited an interest of representatives of municipal government and carrier operators of Russian cities. 

“In the last few years, we can observe two interrelated processes – growth of population mobility and demand for public transportation, Andrey Andreev, General Director of Transmashholding, stated while presenting the exhibition. And primary focus of the Holding is to make each journey pleasant and comfortable.”