14 November 2014 y.

Bezhitsa Steel Foundry IRIS Certified

The management system was successfully audited on compliance with IRIS, ISO 9001:2008, GOST ISO 9001-2011 standards at Bezhitsa Steel Foundry (BMZ, incorporated in JSC Transmashholding). Basing on the audit results, experts of the Russian subsidiary of the German DQS holding company decided to award the above certificate to the industrial site. 

International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) certification is an obligatory prerequisite for cooperation with OJSC RZD. Starting from 2015, RZD will place a priority on purchasing goods from companies, which are certified according to IRIS. At present, the following entities affiliated with Transmashholding already obtained IRIS certificate: Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant, Tver Carriage Works, Tsentrosvarmash, KMT, and BMZ. Therefore, Bezhitsa Steel Foundry is the sixth Holding’s plant successfully passed the audit. 

The project on development and implementation of the Business Management System (BMS) was launched at Bezhitsa Steel Foundry in May 2013 and started with the staff training in IRIS requirements and BMS structure formation. Then a sophisticated and long-lasting phase of documentation elaboration was launched with the involvement of all plant’s subdivisions. From January 2014, a centrally coordinated extensive BMS implementation started. Additionally, two series of internal BMS audits were performed since the beginning of the year with the purpose of a successful IRIS principles implementation. 

To determine the degree of conformity, the German DQS holding company was chosen as one of the world’s leading certification bodies and co-developer of IRIS. As a result of the audit, 60 % compliance of Business Management System of Bezhitsa Steel Foundry with IRIS requirements was determined. The lead auditor, Mr. V. V. Gritsenko described it as “very high”, thus confirming the large-scale performance of the plant’s team. No non-conformities were detected in the course of the audit. However, the auditors defined a number of recommendations to be followed. 

At debriefing, the team of auditors congratulated the plant management and staff on the successful certification and wished them further success in business development. The accomplished certification audit will contribute to competitive growth of Bezhitsa Steel Foundry.