19 November 2014 y.

Transmashholding and Alstom to Supply 3 More Low-Floor Tramways to Saint-Petersburg

TramRus, a joint venture set up by JSC Transmashholding (TMH) and Alstom, has signed a supply agreement for 3 more low-floor trams to be delivered by December 20, 2014 in addition to the first recently ordered by Petersburg. The first of 4 ordered trams will be forwarded to Petersburg by December 1 and other 3 trams – by December 20, 2014. All 4 trams were custom designed for existing infrastructure and with account of Russian climate. They will be the first fully low-floor trams in Petersburg. 

 Each tram of 25 meters length will transport 200 passengers that it is almost twice more than capacity of tramways currently into service. Ample interior, storing area for luggage and baby carriages, as well as air conditioner, ergonomic seats and lower noise level will make passenger’s travel more accessible and comfortable among them disabled passengers. 

Advanced engineering solutions such as composite materials, innovative bogie and modular design will decrease maintenance and repair expenses, specific power consumption by 10% and increase rolling stock life up to 30 years versus 18 years standard for today trams. New trams can be operated in the conditions of cold climate, complex profile and heavy passenger traffic.