24 November 2014 y.

DMZ Delivered the First Two Special EMUs to Russian Railways

Demikhovsky Engineering Plant (DMZ, a part of JSC Transmashholding) delivered the first two special-purpose EMUs EDS1R for transport of permanent way work team to representatives of JSC Russian Railways. 

Supply contract for three EDS1R EMUs was signed in September 2014. According to the contract, one more train will be shipped to the customer by the end of this year. It is planned to operate EDS1R at South-Ural Railway. 

EDS1R train is a rolling stock type unique for Russia. It is formed of two cars, one is designated for work team needs, another – for equipment storage and transportation. 

 Retooled standard passenger coaches or EMUs out of service tend to serve as special-purpose trains for maintenance team needs in the field. 

Designers of the new EMU used experience of associated RZD divisions and other dedicated companies. 

A closer attention was paid to working environment. A head nonmotorized car has a saloon with seats and a special compartment for a team. Passenger saloon is equipped with HVAC system, eco-friendly toilets that can be used on all route including sanitary protection zone. The car is fitted with two and six-seater couches and tables between them, also has a cooking zone with serving table, washer, dish dryer, catering cabinets, as well as a refrigerator, micro oven and electric kettle. Compartment for a team is equipped with tip-up table, tip-up seats and cabinets for documents and 200V socket. 

A tool car (head motorized) has boxes, cabinets and racks for tools and spare parts. Two mobile motor-driven cranes are mounted on the ceiling for cargo transportation inside a car and unloading of heavy equipment and parts from the train. Equipment kit in the car has pullout containers for spare parts, racks for special equipment and convenient workbench for mechanical works. 

The new special EMU is built on the basis of standardized ED EMU platform and incorporates proven solutions, standardized underframe and carbody equipment to decrease in operating and maintenance expenses materially.