5 December 2014 y.

TEM33 Diesel Locomotive with Two Engines Completed Run in Service with Success

A new shunting diesel locomotive TEM33 with two engines built by Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, a part of JSC Transmashholding) has run for 300 hours with success. 

During its run at depot Bryansk-II, TEM33 showed its essential advantages versus serial diesel locomotives at this depot. It can replace two shunting diesel locos ChME3 and deliver to a hump freights of weight from 5000 up to 6900 tons. As compared with the locomotives used in the depot Bryansk-II, TEM33 consumes fuel at 10% less. One of advantages of this loco is environmental friendliness and 20% less emissions of harmful substances in atmosphere. 

TEM33 is six-axle locomotive on the basis of reliability-proven undercarriage of TEM18DM of Bryansk Engineering Plant. Principal engineering feature of a new locomotive is two diesel engines, each having an output 571 kW, speed 1800 rpm, which can work individually and together. This technical solution provides for flexible control of loco capacity, excludes waste of fuel at idle run and saves engine life. 

TEM33 differs from its predecessors by higher level of control comfort, sound insulation, safety, as well as conveniences, according to a driver. 

At year-end, the locomotive will go to a testing center for further acceptance and certification tests.