24 December 2014 y.

OEVRZ Overhauls Trams

Octyabryskiy Electric Railway Car Repair Plant (OEVRZ, Saint-Petersburg, a part of JSC Transmashholding) completed overhaul of the first tram LM-68M and delivered it to a customer Gorelectrotrans, Saint-Petersburg. Like this, the plant sets up a new business – overhaul of tramways. 

The overhauled tram with number 7588 was built by Petersburg Tram Mechanical Factory at the end of 1989 and has been in service in Saint-Petersburg since that time. It is a model of one of the largest-scale series of trams running in the northern capital of Russia. A contract for tram repair services was signed between OEVRS and Gorelectrotrans on May 14, 2014. 

Design modernization targeted at better esthetic appearance of a car, ergonomics, performance, lower noise level and operating cost efficiency. Power energy consumed by the tram was significantly reduced due to traction drive with asynchronous motors (from 24 up to 40%). Operating expenses are assessed to be 30% lower. 

The tram engineers created an attractive exterior design, low-floor rear area for disabled passengers, wide door opening (1450 mm), door anti-jam system, fiberglass furnished saloon, used tinted safety glass, seats with rubber cover and soft upholstery, as well as state-of-the-art informative system. Passenger saloon has two rows of soft seats. 

A driver’s cab partitioned off saloon is equipped with all car control facilities, air conditioner, ergonomic seat, LED lighting and a new swing door. The tram has public address system, audio and light alarm, as well as video surveillance. 

This pilot overhaul project enabled experts of the plant to gain a new experience; production of carbody shell, welding of semi-knock down frame and sides walls were performed by the plant manpower with use of technical solutions and jigs developed by own design department. 

Overhaul services include complete refitting of saloon, electric equipment and modernization of undercarriage – underframe bogie. 

The tram repaired has a new composite carbody shell with steel welded frame and skeleton coated with composite sheets. 

The plant commits to provide maintenance of this tram over its all life cycle. 

General Manager of OEVRZ, Oleg Pavlov, appreciates highly this tram modernization project, “Successful and quality completion of the first tram overhaul order allowed to enter upon a new phase. Initially, the plant has been specializing in overhaul of EMU cars and passenger saloons. Recently, the company obtained new expertise - production and overhaul of metro cars, repair of trams. Efficient use at the plant of product line diversification concept contributes to receipt of necessary orders, maintenance of superior skills of workers and employees against a fragile business environment in the country and world”.