22 December 2014 y.

The Most Powerful Electric Locomotive Got a Compliance Certificate

Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ, a part of JSC Transmashholding) obtained a compliance certificate for serial production of the most powerful in the world freight ac electric locomotive 4ES5K `Ermak`. 

The certificate confirms compliance of 4ES5K mainline electric locomotives with requirements of Custom Union Technical Regulations and safety rules for railway transport. This is the first certificate granted by Certification Register for rolling stock in the context of entry into force of Custom Union Technical Regulations. 

A new electric locomotive 4ES5K with its exceptional power – 13120 kW (hourly mode) is able to haul heavy-tonnage trains up to 7100 tons in the environment of complex natural profile. The loco design features a new technical solution: axle traction force control for effective sharing of traction load between axles and maximum loco propulsive coefficient, i.e. increased weight of cargo transported. The locomotive is equipped with microprocessor control system with detailed equipment diagnostics that transfers data to servers of repair depots and manufacturing plant for quick troubleshooting. 

Wheel motor unit with axle rolling bearings in 4ES5K reduces maintenance period and operating expenditures.  

Alternative regenerative breaking system applied on the loco allows 15-17% cutting of specific power consumption by hauling operations. 

The electric locomotive provides loco team with comfortable working conditions: booster sections have toilet and rest room that satisfy all up-to-date sanitary, ergonomics and safety standards. 

It is intended that 4ES5K locomotive will be put into service on Eastern field of Russian Railways, Baykal-Amur mainline being refurbished in the course of government program, and it will contribute much to recovery of economy of priority development territories.