11 March 2015 y.

New Mainline Freight Locomotive 2TE25КМ Sent to Field Trials

New mainline freight locomotive 2TE25КМ left for Bryansk-II Locomotive Depot for its 5,000 km operational test run with a train. 

The locomotive is the result of joint efforts of the engineers from Transmashholding, Bryansk Engineering Plant and Russian Railways.

In comparison to the existing locomotives, the new 2TE25KM can haul trains of higher weight and has lower operation costs. This is achieved due to the improved engine capacity factor and increased adhesive weight. The driver cab is compliant with all state-of-the-art safety and comfort requirements. The locomotive is fitted with a pre-crash system that protects the locomotive staff members in case of collision. The locomotive also has an air conditioning system and independent heater to offer additional heating. New vibration cushioning materials are used to improve the working conditions of locomotive staff. The locomotive features better ergonomics of the driver cab and the carbody. 

One of the key advantages of the new diesel locomotive is its easy and convenient maintenance ensured by serviceability and manufacturability of locomotive main subassemblies. The solutions used allow reducing maintenance and repairing time of the locomotive. 

The tests of the are expected to be finished this April, whereupon Bryansk Engineering Plant will start manufacturing of a pilot batch.