26 March 2015 y.

Tver Carriage Works Sent its New EG2Tv EMU to Trials

Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, a subsidiary of Transmashholding) sent its recently developed EG2Tv EMU to the test track of VNIIZhT in Shcherbinka, Moscow Region. 

The train is the first product of a platform of new generation EMUs that will be used as a base for creation of different modifications for urban, suburban and regional service. 

The major distinctive feature of new EG2Tv against its international peers available in domestic market is that it is maximally focused at local solutions and materials. At a prototype phase already, the level of domestic components exceeded 80%. In future the localization of production will be even higher: the exercise to replace EG2Tv systems and components is on track. 

New EMU train is a perfect welding of modern design and high operability that meets the most severe safety requirements. One innovative solution integrated in new trains and never been used before in domestic EMU trains is pre-crash system modules in head and intermediate cars. In case of crash, the modules would absorb released energy thus reducing health hazard for passengers and locomotive crew. All structural elements of train systems are designed with maximum utilization of modular approach enabling to tailor the space inside a car depending on operator’s objectives, for example to change seating layout, or install vending machines, racks for luggage or bicycles. Wide entrance doors and no-porches car architecture improve passengers entraining/detraining, and enhanced riding comfort due to integration of pneumatic suspension provides lower noise and vibration, and HVAC and air sterilization system will make a trip in the train even more comfortable. 

EG2Tv concept enables creation of modifications capable to operate at 120 and 160 kph, and in future at a speed up to 250 kph, while featuring advanced riding comfort. Within the next few months the train will undertake a broad range of preliminary and certification tests that should result in a conformity certificate allowing batch production launching.

ЭГ2Тв_экстерьер.jpg  ЭГ2Тв_интерьер.jpg