6 April 2015 y.

Penzadieselmash launched the production of diesel engines with the electronic fuel injection

Penzadieselmash (PDM, a part of JSC Transmashholding) launched the production of 1 PD4D engine equipped with an electronic fuel injection system. The electronic fuel injection system substantially increases the operation efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by 7-8%. The new fuel system performance was monitored during two years. A diesel engine with electronic fuel injection was installed on TEM18DM locomotive owned by JSC Russian Railways. The locomotive with the upgraded diesel engine is operated under supervision of Penzadieselmash design engineers and experts of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport (VNIIZhT). 

1PD4D diesel engines are installed on TEM 18DM shunting locomotives extensively used both for railway transportation and industry; they are supplied to domestic and foreign customers.