17 April 2015 y.

Transmashholding presented the new 2TE25KM mainline diesel locomotive

At Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, part of JSC Transmashholding), a presentation of 2TE25KM took place – the new freight mainline diesel locomotive developed in cooperation by experts in of the plant and the Russian Railways. 

Among event participants were Vladimir Yakunin, President of OAO RZD, Alexey Vorotilkin, Vice-President of OAO RZD, Anatoliy Meshcheryakov, Secretary of State, Vice President of OAO RZD, Alexandr Bogomaz, acting as Bryansk Region Governor, Andey Bokarev, President of Transmashholding, and Kirill Lipa, CEO of Transmashholding. 

2TE25KM is a freight mainline two-section locomotive with AC-DC electrical transmission with single-axle traction control. 90% of components used in the locomotive design are of domestic production. As compared with diesel locomotives of mass production, 2TE25KM loco can haul freight trains, which are at average heavier by 20%, with reduced costs of operation. This is achieved due to a higher engine capacity factor. 

As the locomotive power package they used 16 cyl. 18-9DG diesel-generator set of 2650 kW output produced by Kolomensky Zavod works. For the next future, there is plan to use new-generation diesel engines developed by Transmashholding’s entities under the Federal Target Program “National Technological Base” and within its subprogram framework “Establishment and setup of production units in the Russian Federation in the period of 2011-2015 to manufacture new-generation diesel engines and components thereof”. This refers in particular to D300 diesel engine. 

The driver’s cabin meets all present-day safety and comfort requirements. A passive restraint system is installed to protect the locomotive crew in case of an accident collision; the cabin is fitted with HVAC system and an independent heater. To improve the working environment of the locomotive crew, new shock-absorbing materials are applied. The driver’s cabin and the entire locomotive are distinguished by improved ergonomics. 

One of key advantages of the new diesel locomotive is easy maintenance and access due to its easily available and adaptable main assemblies. The switch to the use of new diesel locomotives will allow to reduce the fleet maintenance costs.

During this year, 68 2TE25KM locomotives will be delivered to RZD.