29 April 2015 y.

NEVZ has started mass production of Ermak and Donchak electric locomotives with antifriction axle bearings

Novocherkassk Locomotive Building Plant (hereinafter referred to as NEVZ, Transmashholding Group) has started mass production of 3ES5K Ermak and 3ES4K Donchak electric locomotives with antifriction axle bearings. 

Interagency Assessment Commission on estimation of manufacturing development of mainline freight electric locomotives 3(2)ES5K with antifriction axle bearings assigned Letter A to the above locomotives. Representatives of RZD, Transmashholding, TMH-Service, VElNII, site managers and specialists were on the Commission. 

The need of transfer to antifriction axle bearings is stipulated by the fact that traction motor friction axle bearing units are one of the bottle necks in terms of maintenance, life time duration and reliability of locomotive bogie units.

In 2008 NEVZ produced the first 3ES5K-20 electric loco with antifriction axle bearings based on VElNII design. Then they were being under experimental operation at the Far Eastern Railroad (Smolyaninovo Depot) within one year. New engineering solutions were developed to be then implemented during manufacturing of the second 3ES5R-250 locomotive with antifriction axle bearing. In January 2012 the above locomotive was delivered to Khabarovsk Depot for experimental operation. 

The results of the antifriction axle bearing experimental operation and their further three-year monitoring demonstrated that customer’s maintenance and operational costs reduced by approximately 10%. The above effect has been reached due to increase of time interval between TO2 maintenance dates: up to 240 hours (instead of 72 hours of operation with friction axle bearings), longer periods between lubeoil refilling and elimination of cost to restore friction bearing brasses. 

At present a preproduction batch of 15 3ES4K locomotives and three 4ES5K electric locos were produced. Positive feedback was received after operation of locos at Khabarovsk and Vikhorevka Depots. 

Working design and process documentation and industrialization development for mass production were performed in full. 

In 2015 NEVZ will produce 40 3ES5K and 29 3ES4K electric locomotives with antifriction axle bearings, respectively.