4 June 2015 y.

RZD and Transmashholding Sign Agreement to Deliver Escort Cars for Freight and Service Trains

Mr. Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways and Mr. Kirill Lipa, CEO of Transmashholding signed this Thursday an agreement to manufacture and supply for RZD escort cars for special purpose rolling stock – trains consisting of hopper cars and trains used to carry switch assemblies, and heavy track-machines. 
The agreement extending to companies’ relationships as far as to 2020 is signed in Sochi at the X International Railway Business Forum Strategic Partnership 1520. 

Escort cars for freight and service trains are manufactured by Tver Carriage Works, a subsidiary of Transmashholding. This type of rolling stock represented by Models 61-4483 & 61-4484 was demonstrated to wide audience in 2011 at International EXPO-1520 Fair. A total of 47 cars will be produced for Russian railway customers in 2015 (133 cars manufactured over the period from 2011 to 2015). The cars have well-proven field performance. 

Special-purpose escort car offers to railway personnel comfortable conditions of work and relaxation. It is equipped with a sleeping compartment, a shower room with water heating system, a toilet, a stockroom, clothes drying rack, and a workshop. Onboard diesel genset ensures car autonomy for 30 days. The car is also equipped with an air conditioner and a boiler with autonomous diesel burner for operation under various temperature conditions. Car galley is fitted with an electric cooker, microwave oven and a fridge. The car also features a TV-antenna enabling TV-set connection. The special car is 8 meters shorter than a conventional passenger coach, which are often reequipped for freight train escorting purposes. It is lighter, provides better economy and much user-friendly. Series 61-4484 cars are integrated in freight or maintenance trains, and used as an accommodation for train service crew and track-machines drivers during operations in field. 

Series 61-4483 cars are designed as escort of hoper wagon trains. They are equipped with a diesel compressor, which is used during automatic wagons dumping. 

The cars are certified under the Technical Regulations by the Customs Union (member countries are Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kirghizia).