10 June 2015 y.

New Shunting Gas Reciprocating Locomotive TEM19 Passed Acceptance Trials

Shunting TEM19 locomotive with gas reciprocating engine manufactured by Bryansk Engineering Plant (UC BMZ, a subsidiary of Transmashholding) has successfully passed its acceptance tests.

Tests data were reviewed at the Acceptance Committee meeting that took place in VNIKTI (Rolling Stock R&D Institute, Kolomna) with the participation of representatives from Russian Railways, Transmashholding, Volzhsky Diesel n.a. Maminykh, Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights (Rospotrebnadzor), UralCryoMash and other companies that were engaged in locomotive development. 

The Acceptance Committee gave positive assessment to the new locomotive based on the outcomes of the tests conducted in Egorshino Depot of RZD Ekaterinburg Equipment Division. The locomotive has run 1328 under normal shunting conditions and worked 19401 wagons that makes overall cargo tonnage of 833751 t.

The Committee has assigned ‘О1’ character to product and process engineering documentation of TEM19 locomotive, and set a pilot batch of 50 shunting locomotives. 

For information, TEM19 is a new locomotive with gas reciprocating engine created by VNIKTI and BMZ engineers. 

The gas locomotive features modular design. TEM19 integrates driver’s cab module, cryogenic system with gas conditioning and LNG feeding systems, engine generator set, cooling system, hardware cabinet, electric dynamic brake and compressor unit. 

Auxiliary equipment is located in a separate underframe module. Such composition approach makes locomotive maintenance and repair easier. 

The locomotive is equipped with an automatic fire and gas detection system. TEM19 design meets all necessary sanitary, EHS and fire safety requirements as well as signaling and telecommunication standards, and locomotive operational and maintenance norms and rules. 

Design solutions of TEM19 gas locomotive ensure reduced emissions and smoking level at the exhaust. According to the estimated consumption data, the operation of new shunting TEM19 will allow significant decrease in energy cost – up to 20% per annum.