19 June 2015 y.

New Cost-Efficient Turbocharger Developed at Penzadieselmash

OAO Penzadieselmash (PDM, part of JSC Transmashholding) developed a new basic turbocharger prototype of the new 25th series (TK25-03). 

The new turbocharger is expected to replace two TPS48 turbochargers produced in Switzerland and currently applied with Type 8ChN21/21 high-speed diesel locomotive engines. The performance parameters of the new Russian turbocharger are at least at the same level as of the best foreign equivalents, and exceed them in many terms. Yet the new Russian product is sufficiently lower priced. 

Manufacturing application of the new turbocharger will eliminate the dependence on foreign deliveries and constitute a real example of import phase-out in a high-tech area.

The use of TK25-03 turbocharger produced by PDM will provide for cost efficiency. The thrust bearing of new design ensures reliable operation of TK25-03 at the maximum rotation speed of 34000 rpm, while domestic serially produced turbochargers of similar dimensions have speed limitation of not above 30000 rpm. 

Rotation velocity allowance at control rating is 10%, thus preventing the engine surge and providing for stable turbocharger operation within the full engine working range. 

In the next while, the turbocharger bench testing will be performed at the facilities of Ural Diesel Engine Plant (OOO UDMZ) as a part of 8ChN 21/21 high-speed engine and as well as with TGM6D and TEM9 shunting locomotives. In future, 4 modifications are to be developed basing on TK25-03 for all up to 1200 kW engines serially produced by OOO UDMZ. 

The turbocharger design is fully suitable for engineering and manufacturing capacities of the plant thus facilitating fully integrated production of turbochargers at Penzadieselmash plant.