22 June 2015 y.

TVZ has delivered the first double-deckers with seating accommodation to FPC

Tver Car Building Plant (TVZ, belongs to JSC Transmashholding) has delivered to JSC Federal Passenger Company the first train consisting of double-deck carriages with seating accommodation. 
The train consists of 15 carriages: 10 economy and 5 business class carriages. Double-deck carriages with the seating accommodation represent the rolling stock conceptually new for Russia. 

The seating capacity of the business class carriage is 60 passengers (including 2 passengers in a passenger compartment) and the economy class carriage holds 102 passengers. 

The carriage interior design has been developed together with ItalDesign-Giugiaro, an Italian company, a leader in the area of industrial and transport design. The new design complies with all up-to-date requirements to safety and comfort level of the passenger transportation. Carriages are fitted with air heating and air conditioning systems, power and water supply, environmentally-friendly retention WC units. Coat rooms and baggage compartments are designed. Information electronic displays and video control systems are installed in saloons. . Pullout tables, lamps and electrical sockets are placed at each seat. 

Brand new technologies, equipment and materials were applied by Tver site’s experts for production of the innovative double-deck carriages with the seating accommodation. The above will allow a rolling stock operator to considerably reduce maintenance costs. The share of Russian components used in production of the carriages is over 90%. 

One of the key distinctions of the new rolling stock is a side wall chord line change and appearance of radial windows first time in the history of Russian carriage building. Those have allowed serious improvement of construction aerodynamic performance. 

For safety and comfort of passengers and operating crews moving between carriages, inter-car sections are fitted with modern tight fixed drawbars. The carriage is designed for train operations at speeds of up to 160 km/h at electric 1520 railways. 

Use of carriages with seating accommodation will enable railway operators to significantly improve effectiveness of passenger transportation at daytime, first of all at regional routes. 

The Contract on delivery of 15 double-deckers with seating accommodation was signed in August 2013. The new rolling stock has become an addition to the double-deck carriage product line built by TVZ. Site’s experts continue their work over further extension of the double-deck stock product line.

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