15 July 2015 y.

Tver Car Building Plant has collected a certificate of conformance for a luggage and mail carriage

Tver Car Building Plant (TVZ, belongs to JSC Transmashholding) has collected a certificate of conformance for luggage and mail coaches with staff compartments of 61-4505 series.

The luggage and mail carriage is a new product for TVZ. The new product ranks over market analogues for a wide range of technical characteristics. For example, the carriage has larger load-carrying capacity, 25.5 tons, though the carriages currently in operation have the one of 22 tons. 

Application of the new rolling stock will enable railway operators to considerably reduce operating costs and improve the quality of services provided to customers. 

The major specialty of 61-4505 luggage and mail carriages is represented by the unique system of complex monitoring able to control immediately 10 luggage carriages in a set. First of all, the above system is designed for elimination of the unauthorized access to the cargo carried. 

In addition to the cargo compartment, the 61-4505 carriage has a compartment and a staff compartment. They meet brand new requirements to working conditions. The carriages are fitted with cooking areas equipped with a stove, a refrigerator and a microwave. 

The design of luggage and mail carriages stipulates for application of 5-ton loading appliances in the cargo compartment. The above allows elimination of the manual labor and reduction of cargo handling time. Walls and a floor of the cargo compartment have no projections able to damage cargo packing. To ensure for the appropriate cargo storage temperature during transportation, the walls and the roof of the cargo compartment are thermally insulated.  

A design speed of 61-4505 luggage and mail carriages is 160 km/h, thus ensuring for high speed transportation of light cargoes carried by passenger and high-speed trains and by special luggage and mail trains. 

The carriages have been produced using domestic components to full advantage. The service life is 40 years.