5 October 2015 y.

OEVRZ will deliver to St. Petersburg Metro 7 ‘Yubileiny’ Metro Trains before the end of the Year

Oktyabrsky Electric Rail Car Repair Plant (OEVRZ, an entity of Transmashholding) will deliver to St. Petersburg Metro seven class 81-722/723/724 ‘Yubileiny’ metro trains before the end of the year. Three trains have been already sent to the Customer. 

The shipment of six trains in this year will bring the manufacturer back in line with the agreed delivery schedule. One additional train will also be delivered by the end on the year ahead of the schedule. 

The Customer has already accepted the first six-car train, the Acceptance Certificate signed on the 30th of September. 

The delivery contract was signed in January 2014. Under the contract, the plant shall manufacture 66 metro cars for St. Petersburg Metro before September next year. 

Class 81-722/723/724 metro cars were created for St. Petersburg and fully match its infrastructure and operational conditions. Wear-resistant materials ensuring easy cleaning of unauthorized writings and advertisings are used for interiors of passenger saloons. Passenger benches are also vandal-proof. The floor topping is modern long-wearing floor-cloth. All that contributes into preppy look and durability of car equipment with lowest maintenance costs. The use of an asynchronous traction drive allows considerable decrease of rolling stock maintenance costs. 

Air ventilation ducts of new cars will ensure uniform air flow distribution inside the passenger compartment of the metro car.