28 September 2015 y.

Bezhitsa Steel Foundry Celebrates its 80th Anniversary

Bezhitsa Steel Foundry (BSZ, an entity of Transmashholding) celebrated its 80th anniversary. 

The foundry was established in 1935. On September 28, 1935 the Martin furnace at the site performed its first casting work. 

For eighty years now BSZ has been supplying good quality steel casting products to car repair factories and rolling stock manufacturers. Over its 80-year history, the site has produced more than 6.4 million tons of castings. 

BSZ is one of largest steel casting foundries in Russia today. It manufactures over three hundred various steel casted items offering advanced reliability and excellent quality for newly built and maintained freight and passenger cars. Among its products there are bogie frames, bolsters, automatic couplers, draft gears, coupler yokes, etc. Quality and reliability level of site products makes it one of the best factories among its peers in Russia. The products are sold both at home and abroad. 

Foundry history started with construction of a steel-casting department of Krasny Profintern Factory. By the end of 1934 the factory had Martin furnace workshop, boiler house, fire house, and auxiliary facilities. And in November metal was already melted by three open-heart furnaces and an electric pig-iron furnace. On the verge of the Great Patriotic War the foundry output reached a hundred thousand tons of molten metal and over fourteen thousand automatic coupler kits and bogie components. The War ruined peaceful life of the factory. Its main process equipment and part of employees were salvaged to Nizhni Tagil, and foundry employees joined a guerilla unit that was fighting with the enemy in the temporary occupied territory. 

The manufacturing of two-axle bogie, new axle boxes for passenger and freight cars was launched by 1954 thus allowing increase of trains’ speed, weight and length parameters. In the 1960s, the factory launched production of Dzyatko automatic coupler (SA-D type), pipelines for oil and gas industry and nuclear power plants. Valves with BSZ label were delivered in many countries abroad. 

From 2005 onwards the foundry has undergone retooling, its casting workshop No 3 has been renovated, new infrastructure was built. Automatic lines for heavy casting machining have been started up.