15 October 2015 y.

New St Petersburg Metro Car Discussed at Technical Committee

Engineers Technical Committee has gathered n Moscow to discuss a concept of new metro car for St Petersburg Metro. 

A couple of months earlier, in August, Oktyabrsky Electric Train Repair Plant (OEVR, an entity of Transmashholding) and St Petersburg Metro signed a contract for delivery of 20 eight-car trains (160 cars) with asynchronous traction drives to the operator by 2020. 

Among other topics, the Committee has also discussed aluminum carbody. It would be a new concept for the company as all metro cars produced so far have stainless steel carbodies. 

Head cars will receive a new FRP mask with full-scope windscreen, original led headlights and marker lights. As well as emergency exit. 

For comfortable trip of passengers, the passenger will be offered cantilever type semi-rigid seats. The car will be equipped with led lightning lines, high capacity ceiling installed fans, and comfortable handrail made of polished stainless steel.