TVZ to Deliver 50 Postal-Baggage Cars to Russian Post
3 November 2015 y.

TVZ to Deliver 50 Postal-Baggage Cars to Russian Post

A contract to deliver 50 postal-baggage cars is signed between Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, an entity of Transmashholding) Federal Unitary Enterprise Russian Post. 

Under the contract, TVZ will produce and deliver to the client 24 class 61-4504 
cars and 26 class 61-4505 cars before the end of 2015. The new cars are tower above their peers available in the market in some technical features and offer better quality of baggage –carrying operations through a significant reduction of operating costs. Depending on car model, new car capacity is 15-60% higher than older vehicles. Cars design speed is 160 km/h allowing their usage as a part of passenger and mail-and-luggage trains made of existing cars.

The Model 61-4505 offers stowage space for luggage and staff accommodation area. Its 157 м3 luggage compartment may fit a 25.2 t payload, at 4.8 tons more than the payload of currently operated local mailcars. The key feature of this car is its unique integrated surveillance system that may monitor in parallel a bundle of few luggage cars. The system mission is to prevent unauthorised access to the carried cargo. The lack of protruding and raised elements on floor and walls of the car keeps undamaged consignments during stowage and transportation. 

A staff area is provided with its own exterior door for access. Apart from the compartment housing, staff accommodation consists of a WC cubicle, with a vacuum-retention WC, a kitchen, and a compartment with sleeping berths.

The Model 61-4504 mailcar lacks the staff accommodation, and as a result has a 199 m3 stowage space for up to 35 tons of mail and parcels. 

A forklift with a carriage weighting up to 5 tones may be used in both types of cars. 

The money to purchase the mailcars has been allocated by the Government of Russia under State Aid Program for Car-Building Industry.