6 November 2015 y.

A new submarine equipped with main propulsion of Kolomensky Zavod joined the Russian Navy

Admiralty Shipyards held a ceremonial hoisting of St. Andrew's colors at diesel-electric submarine Krasnodar in Saint Petersburg. The submarine is of 636.3 project and is equipped with the main propulsion built at Kolomensky Zavod (KZ, belongs to Transmashholding Group), Transmashholding PR Department has reported. 

The ceremony was attended by Rear Admiral Victor Kochemazov, Head of Shipbuilding Department of the Major Russian Navy Commander. 

“The submarine has completed all trials, all its technical characteristics have been validated”, Alexander Buzakov, General Manger of Admiralty Shipyards noted during the ceremony. 

The Krasnodar, the fourth in a series of six submarines being built by Admiralty Shipyards for the Russian Navy, was laid down in February 2014. She was launched in April 2015. All six vessels were dubbed after settlements having an honorable title “City of Military Glory”. 

The main propulsion of 636.3 project submarines was built on the basis of 30 DG (ДГ) (6ЧН30/38) diesel generators of 1500 kW manufactured by Kolomensky Zavod. The above diesel generators ensure for submarine systems operation up top and in case of diving up to 6 m, as well as battery charging.

The diesel electric submarines of the modified 636.3 project developed by RUBIN Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering have higher combat effectiveness than the previous modifications, which is ensured by an optimum combination of acoustic discretion and target acquisition and ranging, state-of-the-art inertial navigators, up-to-date automated information and control systems and quick-reaction torpedo and missile weapons. For their secrecy this project submarines got their NATO callsign “Black Hole”. 

The 636 project (including all modifications) is one of the largest in the shipbuilding history in terms of manufactured submarines number. All in all more than sixty diesel electric submarines have been built for the Russian Navy and for export. At present they are servicing to many Navies all over the world