2 December 2015 y.

DMZ to Build 35 EMUs for Moscow Circular Railway in 2016

OJSC Central Suburban Passenger Company (CSPC) and OJSC Demikhovskiy Engineering Plant (DMZ, part of JSC Transmashholding) signed a contract for the delivery of 35 Type ED4M-500 dc EMUs in 2016, which will be operated at Moscow circular railway. 
6-car trains will be manufactured at DMZ in the period from February to July 2016; it is expected that Moscow Circular Railway starts operation on September, 2.

These EMUs constitute state-of-the art rolling stock to be build basing on the specifications of JSC MRR. They comply with the most stringent requirements to the passenger transport safety, economic feasibility and comfort. In particular, it is intended to install advanced HVAC systems and bike racks in all cars. Points of wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) and the passenger information system will be provided. The trains will be fitted with everything necessary for handicapped passenger service. New EMUs will have energy-efficient equipment. 

“We selected the reliable supplier, which had demonstrated many time the capability of creating newer EMUs,” Mikhail Khromov, CSPC General Director said. “We expect that Moscow circular railway receives the rolling stock to enable us to offer a railway product of the highest quality to Muscovites and our city’s guests. To comply with the metro system schedule, we will require 30 EMUs but CSPC took into account the need for scheduled maintenance, and decided to place the order for 35 trains”. 

“CSPC order for EMUs is of essential importance for one of the largest industrial entities of Moscow region, it addresses the need for utilization of DMZ capacities in 2016,” Boris Bogatyryov, the plant’s General Director said in turn. “The multi-thousand strong plant body and unique competences will be preserved, tax payments to budgets of various levels are ensured; we can continue to work on innovative technical solutions”.