9 December 2015 y.

Metrowagonmash is Establishing a Service Center in Vykhino Depot

A service center in the Vykhino Depot commences maintenance of Metro cars produced by Metrowagonmash (MWM, belongs to Transmashholding Group) starting January 1, 2016. 
The Vykhino Depot will be the third one performing maintenance of Metros. The site extends successful practice of corporate maintenance service. Currently Metrowagonmash maintains 664 cars of Oka 81-760/761 model in Novogireyevo and Vladykino Depots. 

New trains will arrive to the Vykhino Depot during the period from 2016 through 2017. All in all 31 new generation trains of 81-760/761 model to be maintained by Metrowagonmash professionals will be delivered to the Depot. 

Maintenance of Metros performed by the manufacturer ensures for increase of fleet availability ratio. Ongoing involvement of the Metro manufacturer in maintenance and repairs allows for effective and prompt deployment of necessary modifications enhancing passenger comfort and safety level. 

The Moscow Metro System has been operating cars of 81-760/761 class since 2012. 

Opening of the Vykhino Depot Service Center is in line with the Contract made between Metrowagonmash and the Moscow Metro Systems in March 2014.