23 December 2015 y.

Transmashholding Spent RUR 4 bn. In 2015 for its Development Programms

The Capex invested by Transmashholding into its sites technical upgrading and new products development in 2015 is estimated at RUR 4 bn. 

Transmashholding is the largest high-tech developer and manufacturer of rolling stock and vehicles for railroads and urban public service. The company understands that innovative solutions, high-performance equipment, and decent working conditions for company’s employees are key factors for its competitive position in the market. 

The company has put in a lot of efforts and implemented some major projects throughout 2015. For instance, a new industrial complex for the manufacturing of mainline freight diesel locomotives with a capacity of 300 locomotive sections a year (150 diesel locomotives) has been launched at Bryansk Engineering Plant. 

New facilities to produce traction motors and generators for diesel locomotives have been set up at Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Building Plant, the facilities should meet the respective demand of all diesel locomotive sites of the company. 

Kolomna Works and Penzadieselmash have fulfilled the bulk of R&D activities focused on new diesel engines resulting in creation of three engine families (D200, D300, D500), ranging from 500 to 7500 kW. Considering their future upgrade, the new engines will establish a foundation of domestic diesel engine industry for decades to come. 

The Saint-Petersburg site is now at final stages of construction of industrial facilities for passenger rolling stock production.

The company has invested more than RUR 32 bn into its development over past five years.