New DP-M DMU of Metrovagonmash production certified

Certification of a DMU train equipped with DP-M power pack is completed at OAO Metrovagonmash (MVM, part of JSC Transmashholding). The obtained certificate qualifies the plant to launch serial production of new DMUs. 

The latest DP-M train constitutes entirely new class of rolling stock in transport engineering industry of Russia and is designed to provide for comfortable passenger service. 

The DMU is fitted with easy chairs, handy overhead racks; a state-of-the-art V&A information system for passengers is installed including the scrolling text bar. The passenger saloon and driver’s cabin are equipped with HVAC system; a video surveillance system is installed to monitor current situation in cars. 

Each DMU head-car is provided with an integrated WC with hand-rails for passengers including those with reduced mobility, and a WC for the locomotive crew. Bogies with air suspension are applied to ensure exceptionally smooth train motion. Design of the car body, window and door assemblies guarantees maximum sound and heat insulation. 

DP-M design is unique in that for the first time in Russia the power pack is installed not under the car but in a separate dedicated traction-module with a pass-through, which is of Stadler design and manufacturing. Being located not under the car, the power pack provides better access to the engine and drive elements for maintenance and replacement purposes; the equipment is better protected against environmental impacts and vandals, fire safety is improved.