5 February 2016 y.

Metrowagonmash Starts Overhaul Repairs of 222 Budapest Metro Carriages

The first metro train to be modernized at Metrowagonmash (MWM, belongs to Transmashholding Group) has arrived to the Moscow-area located site from Budapest. 

In August 2015 Metrowagonmash and Budapest Transport Company (BKV) signed a contract in accordance with which the Russian entity shall undertake to perform overhaul and modernization of 222 cars owned by the Budapest Metro. 

Passenger compartments, cabins and control desks of the outdated carriages will be fully refurbished, interiors will be updated. Fiber glass masks will be installed on the front part of the refurbished carbody. Old bogies will be replaced by the new ones including brand new frames of the extended service life. Train control systems, video surveillance and safety systems will be also modernized. Vandal-proof seats and hand-rails matching the overall design of saloons will be fitted. Passenger saloon interior will be made of brand new noncombustible materials. Much attention is paid to comfortable travelling of passengers with limited mobility. Each intermediary carriage will have special place equipped for wheelchair passengers. Liquid-crystal displays will be used for passenger information purposes. Application of the forced air cooling system will allow reducing noise level in passenger saloons. Compressed-air system and braking equipment will be upgraded and brand new compressor plant will be installed. Traction drive system shall be fully revamped. Electric door drive mechanisms are designated for meeting current safety requirements. 

The above upgrading will keep equipment maintenance and repairs costs minimum 20% down, power consumption will be reduced due to recuperation. The lifespan of the metros shall be extended by 25 years. 

Under the above Contract, 185, 10 and 27 cars of 81-717/714, 81-717/714-2M and Ev3 models, respectively, put into operation after 1970 shall undergo in-depth modernization. 

Project implementation period shall last 34 months upon Contract conclusion and delivery of the first upgraded train to the Budapest Metropolitan is expected during the second quarter of 2016.