The first in Russia diesel locomotive simulator appeared at BMZ
18 March 2016 y.

The first in Russia diesel locomotive simulator appeared at BMZ

The first in Russia interactive simulator fully imitating 2TE25КМ locomotive cabin has been installed at the Training Center of the Bryansk Engineering Plant (AO UK BMZ, belongs to Transmashholding Group) named after Maria Tenisheva by experts of the Design Bureau of CT OAO RZD and AVP Technologiya (Moscow).

Locomotive drivers learn construction peculiarities and rules for operation of locomotives including new dual-section mainline diesel locomotive 2ТE25КМ. 

The training course includes theory and practical classes. Driving training instructors are introduced to the construction and basic specifications of the new diesel locomotive, as well as operation peculiarities and failure correction actions. 

Previously, trainees got practical driving skills at a real diesel locomotive. At present there is a possibility to complete the whole required training without leaving a classroom. 

Use of the simulator allows decrease of training costs, since the majority of classes will be moved from a production site to training center classrooms. There is a significant saving of fuel to be used during training runs. 

The unique character of the simulator is represented by its ability to simulate during the training course any (including emergency) situations possible during locomotive operation. The above may be achieved by means of installed on the simulator overview screens transmitting locomotive movement records. 

«Much attention is paid in Transmashholding to contacts with consumers, the important element of which is staff training», Head of the BMZ Training Center Vladislav Yain reports. «Simulator installation will allow higher training level and skillful qualified operation of our modern locomotives in future». 

In 2015 more than 400 experts of OAO RZD Traction Services and Maintenance Organizations studied construction peculiarities of new diesel locomotives and operation rules at the Training Center. 

Similar simulators are also used for training of drivers at Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. Simulators for 2ES5К and EP20 electric locomotive cabins are installed at the training center of that site.