1 March 2016 y.

Bezhitsa Steel foundry obtained certificate of conformity for the key components of 25 taxle Barber railway freight bogies

Railway Certification Register has issued to Bezhitsa Steel Foundry (an entity of Transmashholding) Conformity Certificates for the key components of 25 t/axle Barber Railway Freight Bogies: side frame and bolster.
Certification tests have been conducted at the Railway Equipment Test Center of Russian R&D Institute of Railway Transport. As far as the above components are the most critical subassemblies for freight bogies, certification procedures included a thorough inspection of compliance with applicable safety regulations in relation to their chemical composition, steel macro-and-microstructure, endurance strength and mechanical properties. The tests have demonstrated enhanced reliability, quality, and precise dimensions of these components that take up major loads during freight car operation and will perform in line with the requirements on the safe side. 

The certified products receive “EAC” – Customs Union conformity mark which authorizes their usage everywhere in the Customs Union. 

Conformity Certificates are valid for 5 years and will expire on 20.12.2020.