27 April 2016 y.

All Transmashholding enterprises have become IRIS-compliant

All Transmashholding manufacturing facilities have successfully completed Quality Management Audits for compliance with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), Transmashholding PR Department has reported. 

Implementation of IRIS at Transmashholding enterprises will contribute to labor efficiency and productivity of customer relations. 

The Holding’s enterprises were audited during the last two years. 

In the course of IRIS deployment the sites performed large scope of work to improve existing management systems. Quality and technical security policy has been developed. All required flow mapping and documented procedures have been put into effect. 

Current risk management practices have been implemented; tender management processes, obsolescence and first article inspection evaluations, life cycle cost management and project management have been developed. The required mandatory procedures including RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) management have been deployed.