23 May 2016 y.

OEVRZ has started production of underground battery-operated locomotives

Oktyabrsky electric railway car repair plant (OEVRZ, Saint-Petersburg, belongs to Transmashholding Group) has started production of underground battery-operated locomotives with asynchronous traction drive (81-581.4) designed for hauling service trains along deenergized or unelectrified Metro lines, TMH PR Department has reported. 

The electric locomotive for Metro is a conceptually new product for OEVRZ. 

A set of batteries placed in a battery room will ensure for an autonomous operation of the electric loco within 7-8 hours (a working shift). The rolling stock is expected to be equipped with an independent charging plant to provide for traction batteries charging from both a conductor rail and AC power source of 380 V and 50 HZ frequency. Recuperability of the electric power into batteries has been provided. 

Brand new equipment ensuring for control over hydrogen concentration permissible levels and traction battery condition in relation to temperature, voltage, capacity and electrolyte level will be applied in the course of locomotives production. State-of-the-art engineering solutions applied in locomotives production will provide for a high level of crew comfort including the fact that driver’s cabins will be fitted with modern HVAC units. 

Implementation of the underground battery-operated locomotives will considerably facilitate operations and improve Metro infrastructure maintenance quality. In case of accidents resulting in line deenergizing, the above will give opportunities for full-scope work of Metro maintenance services. 

By the end of 2016 OEVRZ will construct two 81-581.4 underground locomotives for GUP Petersburg Metropolitan.