Transmashholding introduced the new train for Line 1 of St. Petersburg metro system
25 May 2016 y.

Transmashholding introduced the new train for Line 1 of St. Petersburg metro system

Transmashholding introduced the newly developed Class 81-722.1/723.1/724.1 metro train to Georgiy Poltavchenko, St. Petersburg Governor. The new train will be operated at Line 1 of St. Petersburg metro system. 

New rolling stock presentation was organized in the framework of International Innovati ve Forum of Public Transport “SmartTRANSPORT” taken place in St. Petersburg on May 25 - 28. 

The train was designed basing on specifications developed by experts of St. Petersburg metro. It is fitted with a new fiberglass mask, LED round head and side lamps; the passenger door leaf has an enlarged window. The color layout is new as well. Train formation consists of 8 cars – motorized head cars with the driver’s cabs at the train head and tail, 4 intermediate motorized cars and 2 trailer cars in the train middle. 

In the front part of the head car body, an attachable escape ladder is installed for passenger evacuation in case of emergency; the passenger compartments are equipped with light-weight ceiling panels made of steel, and plastic windows. 

The nominal board equipment includes a bi-level microprocessor-based control, safety and diagnostics system as well as the inner and outer CCTV system. 

The cars are fitted with convenient hand-bars made of polished stainless steel. Compartment illumination is provided by a LED light line consisting of two separate modules; ventilation system is based on high-performance axial fans. In head cars, there are special zones fitted with fixtures for wheel-chaired passengers. 

A contract for supply of a batch with 20 8-car metro trains was signed between Oktyabrsky Electric Railway Car Repair Plant (OEVRZ) owned by Transmashholding and St. Petersburg metro system in August, 2015. Deliveries are to be completed in 2020. 

For the first time, Transmashholding attended SmartTRANSPORT. The Forum visitors are offered the possibility not only to find out more about the new metro car but also to visit the Company booth dedicated to capabilities of the Holing’s entities located in St. Petersburg (OEVRZ and KMT) and rail transport projects implemented by Transmashholding the Northern Capital City.