Demikhovo Engineering Plant (DMZ) сompleted the EP2D train certification
3 August 2016 y.

Demikhovo Engineering Plant (DMZ) сompleted the EP2D train certification

Scherbinka Town, August 3, 2016 The Demikhovo Engineering Plant (DMZ forms part of JSC "Transmashholding") was granted the Customs Union Certificate for its state-of-the-art product - EP2D DC electric train. 

The Acceptance Commission formed by the representatives of OJSC "NIIAS" (Scientific Research & Design Institute for Information, Automation and Communications of the Railway Transport), FGUP VNIIZhT (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Scientific & Research Institute for the Railway Hygiene) of the RF Rospotrebnadzor, FGP "VO ZhDT Rossii" (Federal State Enterprise Departmental Security Service of the Russian railway Transport),Services of the Chief State Medical Officer for the RF Railway Transport, several departments of the OJSC "RZhD" and OJSC "Tsentralnaya PPK" (Central Intercity Passenger Transportation Company) has confirmed the compliance of the new train to the modern requirements in terms of passenger transportation safety. 

The Certificate validity is 5 years. It allows the unlimited operation of the new trains in the states-members to the Eurasian Economic Union: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Upon expiry of the specified period, EP2D will be subject to re-certification. 

The EP2D electric train was presented to public for the first time in March of 2016. It was designed to replace the production of different modification of ED4M trains, which have been forming the main product portfolio of DMZ for many years. 

The new electric trains embody the newest solutions providing for safety and comfort of travelling, as well as guarantee resource savings and fail-safe operations. The applied technologies comprise the arrangement of both large and small train sets (2-3 coaches), thus allowing for their effective use in lines with intensive and low-rate passenger flows. The trains may be manufactured in several versions: for urban, intercity and interregional routes, for the lines equipped with both high- and low-profile platforms. 

Different interior solutions and the wide range of suppliers allow for creation of the unique trains meeting the requirements of the operating companies to the maximum extent. The train can be operated within the temperature range of +50...-50 degrees Celsius. It is designed for operations at both high- and low-profile platforms. 

By implementing the state-of-the-art technical solutions, the OPEX decrease is achieved. The train is equipped with passive protection systems (i.e., the crash-system), as well as with the climate control unit with the air disinfection system. The power-saving equipment set is used allowing for savings of up to 20% of energy. A powerful auxiliary power static converter has been implemented, the use of which provides for significant decrease of noise and vibrations inside the saloons. The upgraded cabin design with detachable stairs prevents from unauthorized access to the front side of the cabin and the roof. 

Almost all structural components are manufactured in Russia, which allows for mitigation of risks relating to volatile exchange rates, or embargos from the side of international suppliers. 

At present, the tests of a train similar to EP2D - the AC electric train EP3D are being carried out.