IVOLGA EMU has collected a certificate of conformance
21 July 2016 y.

IVOLGA EMU has collected a certificate of conformance

Tver Car Building Plant (TVZ, belongs to JSC Transmashholding Group) has collected a certificate of conformance with requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations On Safety of the Railway Rolling Stock for its first multiple-unit product EG2Tv IVOLGA EMU, TMH PR Department reports. 

EG2Tv is the first product of the Russian EMU platform of new generation, its design integrates advanced technical solutions. 

The platform enables development of various EMU modifications for urban, suburban and intermodal applications for up to 160 km/h speed. The basic train composition is 5 cars, thus, ensuring for passenger capacity of about 1,700 persons. At the same time operation of a two-train string is possible, as well as customization of the train composition: from 4 to 12 cars. 

In terms of its characteristics, the EMU is at least at the same level as foreign models, and by many definitions leaves them behind. 

The new EMU is characterized by high cost and energy effectiveness. Application of an asynchronous traction drive allows for considerable increase of the specific power, acceleration value and essential reduction of operating costs. 

IVOLGA combines a unique modern design, performance characteristics and high safety standards; it meets high passenger comfort level requirements. The train doors are wide and there are no vestibules, thus facilitating passengers’ landing and unloading. HVAC and air disinfection systems are integrated inside EMU saloons. Air suspension technology ensures for quality of ride and low level of noise and vibration. 

IVOLGA head cars are fitted with full set of equipment required for transportation of disabled passengers: boarding attendance calling system, doorway entrance ramp for wheelchairs, dedicated areas for placing and fixing of wheelchairs, toilets equipped for wheelchair users. 

All structural units of EMU systems are designed based on the full advantage use of modular principle, thus, allowing for car layout adaptation depending on the tasks operators are facing. 

The Certificate of conformity for innovative EG2Tv IVOLGA EMU has confirmed implementation by TVZ of a new competence: EMU production.