26 September 2016 y.

Transmashholding will build 300 three-section tramways for Moscow

OAO Metrovagonmash (city of Mytishi of Moscow region, part of ZAO Transmashholding) has been announced as the winner of the open electronic competition for the right to conclude a contract on the delivery of 300 three-section tramways with the commitment on the maintenance throughout their life cycle.

According to the terms of the competition, the delivery will take place in 2017 2019 (100 tramways per year). The price per section is determined in the amount of 95MRUR, with the contracts total value of more than 56 BRUR. The tramways customer is the Department of Transport of Moscow Mosgortrans. The project will be implemented by Transmashholding jointly with PK Transportnie Sistemy. The production of the tramways will be organized at the Tverskoy Coach Building Plant.

The Producer will also commit on the maintenance of the tramways throughout their whole life cycle, which is 30 years. Transmashholding has a successful experience in developing a maintenance system of their manufactured rolling stock. To date, TMH maintains the metro cars belonging to Moscow Metropolitan subway and the electrical locomotives EP20 of RZhD.

The Moscow governments order of the new tramways will have a significant impact on the entire sector. In particular, it will provide workload to the Companys several factories with more than 6000 employees. Moreover, according to preliminary assessments, the project is to create at least 1000 qualified jobs. The additional tax payments to all-level budgets will exceed 6 BRUR.

Transmashholding will propose to the government of Moscow a unique design, which will turn the tramways into the city's new sightseeing attraction, stated Kirill Lipa, General Director of Transmashholding. It is especially important in the light of the upcoming Football World Cup in 2018, as well as the expected influx of foreign tourists. We thank the government of Moscow, and, personally, the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, for their trust and the opportunity to create new jobs and pay decent wages to our employees in the challenging economic conditions, the Director added.

The tramways that will be produced for Moscow will be fully compliant with the proposed technical specifications. The tramway sections are entirely low-floor. Their architecture will benefit from the modern global technical solutions and will be based on the tramway system operation expertise gained in Moscow and the largest foreign metropolises.

The design of the tramways will integrate the original solution of pivoting low-floor bogies. Given the application of the modern technologies, the operation of the new tramways will allow the transport complex of Moscow reducing the energy consumption.

A modern diagnostics system, used on the tramways, allows checking the correct functioning of all main sub-systems in real time. An effective safety system applied in the design registers all events onboard and around the vehicle.

A close attention will be payed to the passengers comfort, as well as the creation of decent working conditions for tram-drivers.

In comparison with the tramways currently in operation, the new ones will have an increased number of doors. This will accelerate the passengers boarding and alighting, create comfortable conditions for the passengers on wheelchairs, and increase the circulation of tramways on the lines.

The tramways will be equipped with climate control units to maintain a specific micro-climate in the drivers cab and the passenger compartments. The tramways information system will integrate a audible notification, scrolling texts, VTR screens (creating, among other things, additional advertising opportunities). The tramways sections will be equipped Wi-Fi to provide to passengers internet access.